The Scene of the Crime

and let's unveil your greatest alibi
as I watch you return to the scene of the crime
let's ask all your witnesses that will swear
that you were somewhere else that night
and I will stay awake and mine eyes won't rest,
I'll seek out the clues, may my efforts be blessed
I'll follow the trails till I find all the proof that I need
to relieve this ache from my chest

{ Cincinnati Rail Tie }


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08:55 pm

"I honestly don't know what I'm dreading more, sestinas or sonnets..." --06/07/2012

- they'd find 2 names

07:07 pm

he has a tower that watches everything that happens, he does have a tower that watches everything!

- they'd find 4 names

10:55 pm

things on the internet that made me happy

- they'd find every last one of our names

12:47 am

"so we haven't talked about jack, but it's time to play a song together anyway!"

- they'd find 2 names
and let's unveil your greatest alibi: