The Scene of the Crime

and let's unveil your greatest alibi
as I watch you return to the scene of the crime
let's ask all your witnesses that will swear
that you were somewhere else that night
and I will stay awake and mine eyes won't rest,
I'll seek out the clues, may my efforts be blessed
I'll follow the trails till I find all the proof that I need
to relieve this ache from my chest

{ Cincinnati Rail Tie }


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i. fake everyone’s death for the cameras, but let them live!

ii. when i was so young i lost
my family to a fire and that’s
not the whole story
but is any tale the truth entire?

i went around the world
picked up forgotten things, abandoned secrets
little things so uncared for
no one would glance at you to keep it

‘till one day i came up on
a payphone and a jar of coins
it was a cold bright april morn
the wind whispered of others’ joys

i looked up things like ‘mom and dad’
and ‘how to get the truth of things’
phonebooks aren’t encyclopaedias
but i found some numbers, let them ring, said

iii. hey mister the man, i’ve been thinking —
if you’ve heard this one
then stop me but have you considered
wondering what you’ve become?

i’d like to see my mom again
my brother, sister, and my dad
hey, if you gave them back to me
i wouldn’t say that i’ve been had

if you took them back out from
wherever it is they’ve been hiding
i would just be grateful
i’d sit down and stop all my inquiring

hey invisible hand, esquire
i’ve got a proposal for you
what if when we all played along
you gave our dreams back, two by two?

i don’t think you’ll find disagreement
if you implement my plan
play out your schemes but fake the deaths
sure, lead us to your promised land

hey there revolution
how’re you doing, what have you been up to?
no, i haven’t been too busy
if i was i’d interrupt you

but i’ve been reading the lines and
in between them, all the time
and i hate to admit it, yeah
but maybe you were right?

do you know a safe place that
we could discuss this, sketch it out?
don’t fret about materials
unless, that is, you’re having doubts

yeah, sorry; this is conspiracy?
ah, ma’am, my apologies
you sound different than i expected
i am new at this, you see

i have facts, have all you’ve wanted
trust me and i’ll sing your songs
get you certainty and truth
more than you’ll need to get along

sorry about that, mister man
i had to take another call
i’ve got the blueprints, please consider
i really did give it my all

iv. look, why don’t i review the concept?
just be sure we’ve got it clear?
i’d hate if you proved mistaken
memory succumbed to fear

you need the threats, you need the action
on this we both can agree
look, stage make-up’s had huge advances
don’t hang up, sir, look and see

a severed head, a child’s hand, sir
neither real casualties
just trust me and i’ll work it out
there’ll be no need for more like me

as many martyrs as you want
and tragic orphans for the screen
with none of the complications of
the bodies of people who breathe

just hear me out, i’ll see you through
a law, a war, say what you need
and no one will look any closer
and no one will have to grieve

you’ll get your wish and i’ll get mine
and then we can part ways, you see
it’s as easy as pumpkin pie, sir!
i’ll help you if you help me

plot your schemes, blow up the scenes
scratch shrapnel into the trees
your nations can all mourn together
you don’t need specificity

anonymous and sanctified
it works out better anyway
they can’t be doubted or be blamed
if they’re angels made in one day

so i hoped you’d consider this
and not hang up as you just did
but it looks like that’s not happening
mom always said ‘have a plan b, kid’


v. oh mister the man this is a monologue!
get your hands up!
and don’t dare interrupt me
i’ve been practising too long!

i’ve got some things to talk about
and i have tried asking nicely
but that didn’t seem to work
so how about we do this my way?

hand over the plans, the keys
i’ll run the show now, if you please
don’t object and i’ll spare your life
pay out in sure, pure certainty


hey there revolution
i’d offer a drink but as they say
you deal in obscurity
and molotov is all the rage now

i’m afraid i’ll leave you to
whatever it is you can find
my purpose hasn’t been achieved and
you’re above the bottom line


dear mrs. conspiracy
i’m sorry but it would have gone wrong
if you look outside i’ve left
a parting gift upon the lawn

hello there miss the media
you’re looking really fine today
how’s about you don’t mention me
in any shape or any way, now?

good night, world, enjoy your preview
of tomorrow’s lying outline
outliers, i know where you live
all the rest, have a good time

or else who knows what could happen
if you choose not to comply?
dear it’s better not to risk it
just stay on the safer side

(so be warned, you know what i do
call me if you need me, too
i’m around, i always am
now and ever, i’m your friend.)

Date: 2012-05-10 05:50 pm (UTC)
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Oh wow, this is like-- life. At least for me. I really love the concept, and "a phone book's not an encyclopedia," and the whole second part.