The Scene of the Crime

and let's unveil your greatest alibi
as I watch you return to the scene of the crime
let's ask all your witnesses that will swear
that you were somewhere else that night
and I will stay awake and mine eyes won't rest,
I'll seek out the clues, may my efforts be blessed
I'll follow the trails till I find all the proof that I need
to relieve this ache from my chest

{ Cincinnati Rail Tie }


pospreterito: young man in black with a red tie against a red wall (Default)
[ pos.pɾe'te.ɾ ]
pospreterito: two hands conjuring fire ({stories} ..dae fire and fire)
(a partial listing, two nights' worth, from back in january, and sometimes he talked faster than i could keep up because the world is cruel to me; not to be confused with Things Robyn Hitchcock Says Without A Microphone, or indeed Things Bill Rieflin Says Without A Microphone, although the latter involve superheroes too)

a friday and a saturday to be specific )
pospreterito: two clasped hands; words: "THE DECEMBERISTS" ({music} ..decemberists feeling 'round)
scott and i did this; your argument is invalid.