The Scene of the Crime

and let's unveil your greatest alibi
as I watch you return to the scene of the crime
let's ask all your witnesses that will swear
that you were somewhere else that night
and I will stay awake and mine eyes won't rest,
I'll seek out the clues, may my efforts be blessed
I'll follow the trails till I find all the proof that I need
to relieve this ache from my chest

{ Cincinnati Rail Tie }


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i (know i say this every three months or so) think i might have hit the point of emotional maturity where i can actually kind of figure out characterisation by how i write people!

(yeah, now you know why i don't write much fanfiction. if i can't figure out my own characters' emotions and motivations without a few weeks to stew over it...)

but i keep having little epiphanies about people in the bracketverse, the kind of thing most people would... know before they start writing someone, probably. (i love that i have a meticulous timeline and i am still flying, screaming and reluctant and airlifted by several ducks, by the seat of my pants, and look, these purple jeans do not deserve that treatment.)

but previously i had broken cosma and ciel down by two things, in my notes for chondrilla juncea: she has "gravity and hatred of (falling)" and "failure and hatred of (falling as allegory)" (the worst thing for cosma noline is to fail at stuff). ciel has "air and hatred of (enormity), wind and agoraphobia" and "ignorance and hatred of (enormity and why can't i hold all this world)" (the worst thing for ciel noline is to not know things).

let me tell you about my characters, with citations, and spoil plenipotentiary, chondrilla juncea, there are bodies on the ceiling and they're fluttering their wings, and miscellaneous not-yet-posted 31_days things while i'm at it! )

and, on another note: if anyone is interested in beta-reading there are bodies on the ceiling and they're fluttering their wings for coherency, or indeed in helping me hash out a story i have not started yet but there's lovecraft and politics in and it's in theory for the icarus anthology, um, let me know, that would be awesome.
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"Yes," Arcturus says, and turns. "Hey, thing. Stop that. Say bye properly."

Tabot stares at him like he must be a madman. Sam's certainly not going to argue with that. "What?"

"I said, say bye properly. Like this: 'Bye properly'."

"Okay." Tabot tilts his head to one side, then says, "Bye properly. Bye Sam. I'll come by in undetermined time period for reasons other than being pursued and introduce myself when things are less hectic, I guess."

"Why'd he get a name?" Arcturus sulks. He turns to Sam instead of watching Tabot walk out the cracked glass doors. "Why'd you get a name?"

Sam shrugs one shoulder. "It's your own fault," he says, which would be a valid answer to almost every complaint Arcturus has ever made.

i'll just be over here drowning in miserable dramatic irony, if that's all right with you.

(also, anyone interested in test-reading a ~30k bracketverse novella? it looks like i might finish it this month, all of a year and 2/9 after i started the damn thing.)